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Thursday, February 17, 2005
the lady or the tiger
Listening to:A Farewell to Kings, Rush
Weather:27, snowing
Supposed to head for Mountaineer Racetrack and Gaming Resort today for work. Yeah, my job sucks. I'm overnight there for meetings, etc. But it's snowing, my road's covered, and the snow is supposed to concentrate up around my Chester destination, so playing it by ear. Google Maps, Mapquest, and the Resort webpage have all given me quite different suggested routes, so I have choices to make. I liked the Google route going through Burgettstown, which was also the fewest miles (all are around 2 hours estimated from Motown), but those windy two-lanes are probably not the best bet in the snow. Maybe they'll cancel, it's snowing like a bitch out there.

Tuesday evening when the NWVCIL bd meeting ended I stepped out to my car and saw this awesome skyscape. It's so nice to have this little tiny digital camera my mom gave me for xmas. It's the bomb, and I tend to carry it around a lot because it's so easy to stash. Enjoy.

As I took my daily morning look out my kitchen door I looked to the left and saw the orange cat that likes to hang around my porch, and to my right this lovely cardinal. I wonder what the orange one-eyed cat was thinking?

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the lady or the tiger