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Sunday, February 06, 2005
the Lincoln Fry phenomenon
BTW, it's nearly 9pm and still above freezing! I can see 80% of my driveway, first time in weeks! w00t.

K, what's up with the fried foods, often potatoes, resembling famous dead people's faces?!? I'm sure you heard about the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich, which fetched a tidy $28k at auction. And the thing was 10 yrs old, probably smells like ass by now. And you've certainly read about the various potato chip jesus's (or are they Jim Morrison?), amazingly mold-free after months or years of poor packaging. Now that's truly the miracle of the oil, kiddies.

But the Abraham Lincoln french fry really takes the latke. As we speak, the high bid is $525,100. Dude, I typed that number carefully, believe its accuracy. The auction doesn't end until Feb 12, the sky's the limit, wouldn't you say? It's going for charity, but still. It all kinda makes me want to boil up some peanut oil and ginsu up some spuds.

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the Lincoln Fry phenomenon