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Monday, March 07, 2005
all work and no blog makes cat a shrimp skanki
Listening to:Summer Breeze: Seals & Crofts, Blood & Roses: Smithereens
Weather:41, raining like a bitch
We gonna party like ishaburfday! Cuz it's my birthday, happy birthday to me! Workity work, shoveling plenty o'snow, fixin stuff, and whatnot has all been keeping me from the bloggery, dagnabbit.

But I got to go out to Oliverio's for some shrimp skanki, that was all good.

Some old pal of Titties' saw his name on my blog, e'd me as he'd been a-googling folks who he'd gone to school with approximately 20 yrs ago. Is that the Mozart Teachout? Why yes it is, I'll pass on your 'fo. Meanwhile, he forwarded me a little giggle, the googling turned up a major felon name Tom Teachout on some prison page. Go Titties, go titties, go titties. . .

So remember Spooky Tooth? Let me refresh: Late 60's early 70's hard rockers, did a nice cover of the crunchy blue Tobacco Road. Well, this band was truly a major rock crossroads, let me expound on that shit for a minute. Lots of member changes, but here are a few of the blokes and where they went: keyboardist/vocalist Gary Wright went on to solo the groovy hit Dreamweaver (you know you fuckin loved that tune, don't lie), bassist Greg Ridley went on to play with Humble Pie (30 days in the hole. . .), guitarist Luther Grovesner joined Stealer's Wheel (Stuck in the MIddle, with vocalist Gerry Rafferty who later solo'd with Baker Street), Grovesner changed his name to Ariel Bender and played with Mott the Hoople (covered Bowie's All the Young Dudes, a sweet hit), guitarist Mick Jones joined the Leslie West band and later formed Foreigner (need I name any? how about Starrider), and guitarist Henry McCollough played with Paul McCartney and Wings (that's SIR paul to you, mf). Very spooky, quite toothy.

Wish I had a way to convert the stupid DRM'd wma's I've downloaded in my free trial of napster to mp3's. Yeah, I know I can capture them in real time as wav's with various bits of software, then convert to mp3 (which I did with my free trial of Rhapsody, so sue me), but I'd prefer a clean file conversion, preferably in less than real time. I've tried some of the web's hacky offerings, old versions of Virtuousa, old versions of Winamp with fresh output dll's, bla bla bla. Nothing is working on the DRM'd stuff. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

Then Uncle Skunky (kin to Shrimp Skanki? Have I gotten enough mileage out of that, cuz it's still very much cracking me up) visited my compost bucket, ass in the air, perfectly hilarious. I'll call him Flower.

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all work and no blog makes cat a shrimp skanki