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Sunday, April 17, 2005
first dandylions & goldfinch of the season, onehitwonders, smorgasboard
Listening to:love the one you're with live, csn
Reading:earthcore, etc.
Weather:67, partly cloudy
We are well into spring, with plenty of fresh dandylions in my yard, and my first goldfinch siting of the season today. My grass could be mowed already, if I were ambitious. Heh heh. I actually check out lawn tractors the other day at Lowe's. If I didn't hate the burning of fossil fuels so fucking much, I'd probably already have one. I also don't relish the throught of yet another internal combustion engine to maintain. But I don't much enjoy paying $$$ to my neighbor to keep it mowed, either. We'll see. Prices are actually down a bit from about 3 yrs ago, when last I looked. That'll effectively wipe out my chances for the tablet pc I've been drooling over, thought that was more of a christmas wish anyway.

Cool website with search engine for one hit wonders, which are a passion of mine. Browseable by decade, too, saweet!

Looking forward this week, I'm supposed to go to friggin charleston on Friday, but I think I'll skip that. It's opening night for Liv's school musical, and I don't want to be 3 hours away that day. I'm also going to see Johnny A that night at the Rosewood after the play. There's so much going on that night, it's the MonEarth bene at the Met, too, dangit. Can't do it all. Glad I have no workshops to teach this week, I have budget revisions due, Board meeting, prep for moving our offices, and I'm headed for Texas for a conference in a couple of weeks.

Liv and Lar and I were going to go to the Haymond center's ramp dinner today. But liv was feeling under the weather, allergies and headaches and congestion. So instead Lar and I walked across the road to the Gladesville Community Center to the $6 smorgasboard. It was awesome, and so nice to be able to walk over on such a lovely day. No driving, no cooking, no dishes for me, my criteria for a stellar day! We brought some home for liv. Turkey, ham, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, baked beans, corn, butter beans, chicken and noodles, rigatoni, meatballs, potato salad, macaroni salad, cole slaw, fresh fruit salad, cakes, pies, too much to even try it all. But everything I had was good.

I so need to do a bunch of laundry, but it's just not moving me. Maybe having no clothes to wear will move me.

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first dandylions & goldfinch of the season, onehitwonders, smorgasboard