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Sunday, April 03, 2005
more podcasting stuff, Terri and Pope die, catlifetrivia, snow,
Listening to:Leo Laporte's KCFI radiopodcast
Weather:38, very windy, blowing snow
Gotta pod? Got pot? I think it's funny some folks on the podcast egroup occasionally make disparaging mention of Adam C being a pot smoker. Dude, he's largely Dutch, and dude, what the hell do you care? So he's both the PodGod and the PotPod. Blaze on, cat approves.

But poor signal-to-noise ratio - tried to turn liv on to Adam, and he most royally sucked in both content and audio quality that day. Now my listen today, he and Ron somebody his former and again current business partner claim the way to best continue the transformation of podcasting from here (tiny geeky community) to there (whopping industry) includes make it cheap and easy for everyone to do. Uh, wrong, dudes. That's what happened to blogging and 99.9% of blogs suck to the masses and have no readers and almost no one is making money from blogging. Same thing with the music industry, at least for the local working musician. Now that everyone can produce a CD in the living room, shitloads of crappy CD's abound. When it's not too cheap and easy, the passionate are more likely to rise above, and they are more likely to have good content. Cat hath spoken.

And last bit about the garden of podcasting's first human Adam, his unintended outtro music here in my home office is The Two of Us by Aimee Mann from the I Am Sam soundtrack. Here's how it works: when I'm home I listen to podcasts w/iTunes player on my desktop, with the default setting of go to next tune with nice radio-style crossfade. My library is typically sorted by artist, and (sadly) digitization has effected the phenomenon of first-name-first alphabetizing. Hence, from Adam Curry, to Aimee Mann in my library. Adam is the winner on that, it gives even a lousy p'cast a lovely finish.

Terri Schiavo died 13 days after they removed her feeding tube. And the Pope died 26 yrs after getting popified. Th-th-th-th-that's all, folks.

Maroon 5 and The Donnas: Liv was wishing she could go to the show at the Coliseum Thursday night. My typical indulgent parenting style led me to check the web for tix that morning at 7:30 when I got to work. Best seats search brought up 2 floor seats, $35 each plus this fee and that fee. $78 total. A'ight, let's do it. I can justify going to see anyone who doesn't truly suck for that price when they play here in town, what the hell.

Actually they turned out a pretty good show and Liv loved it. The Donnas play some good old-fashioned straight rock and roll chick-style. Very simple, well done, teenage girl-flavored lyrics. Liv met them and got them to sign her jeans with a Sharpie.

Maroon 5 was actually pretty damn good, I thought. More blues and Police influence than I realized from the top-40 hits. Decent players, drums, bass, guitar, singer plays some lead guitar, and keyboards. Ultra cool lightshow, the stage backdrop was like a gigantic Light Brite board with undulating colors, spinning graphics. My favorite moment was the first encore, when the guitar player laid down his Strat, strapped on a classic brick-red (maroon?) SG, the keyboard player strapped on a Les Paul, and the singer played his black SG with the mirror-finish pickguard, and they descended into full-humbucking madness with a cover of Rockin in the Free World by the great Neil Young.

"Like beer night without the beer." And without the night. Friday was tres cool, a little roadtrip with Dantheman, Linde, & Gail. We got the Wheeling Feeling. It was cool, and we should think of an excuse to another roadtrip sometime.

SNOW! Several inches of snow fell last night, another inch or so today, but I think it's over now, baby blue. It'll all be gone in a day or two, but it's lovely right now.

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more podcasting stuff, Terri and Pope die, catlifetrivia, snow,