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Thursday, April 14, 2005
no lighters on planes, St. Louis Blues for Johnny B Goode
Listening to:dogs barking
Weather:40's, sunny
3 1/2 years later they figure out lighters are at least as terroristic as nail clippers? Uh, perhaps the Czar of Homeland Security should watch a little more Comedy Central. I'm pretty sure Dave Chappelle or some such comic came to that stunning conclusion a year or two ago. Oy.

Johnnie Johnson died in his sleep at home in St. Louis yesterday, he was 80 years old. Johnnie was the great blues, boogie woogie, and early rock pianist who helped gloryhound Chuck Berry cut his rock and roll teeth with such truly kickass classics as Maybellene, Rollover Beethoven, and No Particular Place to Go. He's the Johnny of Johnny B Goode. He later played with so many greats, Clapton, John Lee Hooker, Keith Richards, Bo Diddley, etc. Johnnie was one of the great American sidemen of rock and roll. He's a native of Fairmont WV and there's an annual blues and jazz festival in his honor there. RIP Johnnie.

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I might have mentioned to you Cat that Clapton's "24-Nights" album features a blues set with JJ, Robert Cray & Buddy Guy. The song "Worried Life Blues" includes Clapton giving a vocal nod to JJ before the piano solo. It smmmokes! -Dave.
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no lighters on planes, St. Louis Blues for Johnny B Goode