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Saturday, April 16, 2005
railtrails, James Leva, I'm a slave to electricity
Listening to:yo mama
Reading:some stuff
Weather:sunny, breezy, 60
One cool thing about taking a walk on a rail trail around here at this time of year is that it's a different place every week. Different plants are popping up and budding and blooming all the time.

I saw James Leva at the Rosewood last night. It was cool. He fronted a bluegrass band, complete with percussive dancer. He played covers and originals, all bluegrass-flavored but ranging from slightly old-timey to country waltz with some danceable instrumental thrown in. He played fiddle & guitar, one dude played upright bass and banjo, and another dude played guitar and mando and bass on one tune. Dude#3 had really super long skinny fingers, fun to watch. Dude#2 was a bit tentative and hung more in the background. James has a familiar bluegrass whine to his voice, very pleasant to listen to. The Rosewood is such a nice venue, you can get up close and artists seem to enjoy playing there. All good. Nice break after a long work week and a Friday trip to Wheeling.

I'm charging my various rechargeable batteries for my various mobile power suckers. I saw some unremembered blogger saying what I've been thinking for a couple of years - how about wireless power? That would rock my leetle world.

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railtrails, James Leva, I'm a slave to electricity