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Saturday, April 09, 2005
wedding bells, rev cat, Simon Burch, podcasting killed the radio star?
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Mother Superior jumped the gun.

Not telling who, but my bud is getting married! And he wants me to officiate and play music! W00t! So had to get ordained, which took me almost 20 seconds on the mighty mighty internet. Rock and roll, gonna be a good time when that happens, no date set yet but I'll keep ya posted.

If you're looking for an engrossing movie starring a little person, check out Simon Burch. Story by John Irving, the cat who wrote Garp and Cider House Rules. Like those stories, this isn't necessarily a happy one, though an uplifting one in a way. One of my criteria for calling a movie good is whether I thought about some mundane details of the day at any point during the film, like my to-do list or what to cook for supper or something. This was definitely a good movie in that respect, plenty to think about and figure out throughout. Though the ending was a bit predictable, it was at least a satisfying one. But I'll reveal a little bias of mine, I particularly like stories about people with disabilities defying stereotypes and the expectations of the other characters.

Somebody was overheard on the net saying podcasting would be the death of radio. I think not. Radio has been suffering a slow death for quite a while now, podcasting probably won't have much impact on that continuing decline. ClearChannel gets almost all the credit.

Tomorrow is the Ambulance Chase 5k race at Krepps Park in motown. It benefits my org WV Senior Legal Aid. As usual, the wonderful students who put the whole sh'bang together have ordered up strictly sensational weather, so come out and play, y'all.

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The news of radio's death has been greatly exaggerated. So far. Satellite radio could put the spike in the coffin, but I think that local news, weather and sports may keep the feeding tube in Marconi's Machina for a few more moons. Just my opinion.

-Dave S.
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wedding bells, rev cat, Simon Burch, podcasting killed the radio star?