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Thursday, May 05, 2005
equal justice, Austin, and the sign said long-haired freaky people need not apply
Listening to:conference partipants milling about
Weather:80, sunny
The temp is a guess, but that was the forecast. It's definitely sunny here in Austin. I'm at the Equal Justice Conference, which I've attended several times in the past, Portland, Houston, Tampa, Cleveland. After getting up at 3:50am to get my shit together and be at the Pittsburgh airport by 6:10am on Wed, I passed out early last night, no Austin live music scene for me. Since that made me wake up at 5:15 local time today, I took a stroll around the area. The Austin Hilton is downtown, though it's a western-style city, very different from the congestion of NYC or Philly or even Pittsburgh. I strolled down a few blocks, turned, saw a sign that said "Wrong Way" and of course had to walk down that block. Not much here, turned another corner, saw some insanely beautiful flower. That's saying something, because the landscaping in this city is very desert-like, as you might expect. Plenty of sand and agave and whatnot. But this was a lucscious vine, I'll post a photo after I take one, perhaps tomorrow am.

Already my mind is racing with inspiration from the stuff I'm hearing and seeing at this conference. It's always a challenge to find a way to make it stick. It doesn't help that they decided to save a bloody forest and not distribute massive binders of handouts, and I stupidly forgot a notebook or other paper, so my notetaking is on the little hotel tablets lying around, and in the margins of a few handouts and brochures. I'm thinking a half-hour collection, organization, and memory dump would do me worlds of good tonight.

But tonight is the first opp for some Austin flavor. The Texas hotline is hosting us for a dinner on the town. We'll ride a Dillo, the free trolley bus system in the center city. Snoop dog!

And the techy treat, there's free wifi all over the hotel, and my new iPAQ is riding it like a bucking frickin bronco! Yeah, baby, yeah. Though I must admit, the server went down a few times this morning, and I just assumed it was my gear or lack of skills with the new gear. But after hearing web-addicted others whine, I learn it wasn't me. I even used on the little badass and it was specfriggintacular. That sweet little VGA screen, fastass wifi, I'm in geek heaven.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, arriba arriba! Bitch!

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equal justice, Austin, and the sign said long-haired freaky people need not apply