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Saturday, May 21, 2005
Mighty Hermaphrodite, keys to the 5th floor
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Larry has a bunch of farm kitties. He feeds them, but they are also active participants in the food chain. This time of year there are always new kittens around, too. He claims that one of his cats, Blondie, always has a litter of cats that look exactly like her. From that he has extrapolated that she needs no male cat, but instead impregnates herself. Right, Lar, that's how it works.

Speaking of unique, let's talk about my drive to work yesterday. The day before, Thursday, I presented to the feisty and groovy Title V workers from Boone, Kanawha, Clay, and Putnam counties. Meanwhile, all our office contents were being loaded onto a big truck, to be delivered to the new digs yesterday morning at 8a. I headed there around 6:45a to check out the scene and prepare for the movers. I've been driving to work in the little Sabraton neighborhood with the eastern European street names (Listravia, Eugeniva, etc.) since 1996, so my car hardly knew the way to the Mon Building. Certainly I've driven to downtown Morgantown numerous times in the past 21 years, but the morning drive to work is very different. My brain is just emerging from sleep (a slow process for me), and I'm generally on autopilot, having hopefully gotten my shit together for the day the night before. Key work hopefully there.

So my poor car had all these options for how to get to the parking garage where my magnetic card lets me in. I'm sure it won't be long before the car learns the way. And hopefully my sore back and legs won't take long to recover, either. We all humped plenty of big boxes around, and shoved desks and furniture around, I'm sure I'm not the only one who's sore today. My new office overlooks the courthouse square out one side, and the Monongahela river out the other, groovy.

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Mighty Hermaphrodite, keys to the 5th floor