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Sunday, May 22, 2005
we're jamming, hope ya like jamming, too
Listening to:revenge of the screensavers
Weather:48, but clear and warming
If ya know me, ya probably know I don't have a cell phone. Don't plan on getting one any time soon, though my kid nags me daily to get her one. Why don't I have one? 1. I don't want to be available when I don't want to be available. 2. I live in the boonies, the fucking things only work enough to frustrate around here anyway. 3. I'm at my limit for carryable rechargeable electronic toys (Canon Powershot SD300, iPAQ hx4705, sometimes my old Sharp minidisk recorder, and sometimes my Canon ZR65 camcorder). 4. I'm endlessly annoyed by all the inane loud conversations all the rest of you constantly have around me.

But what I seriously might buy is a cellphone jammer. Looks just like a cellphone, rechargeable battery like a phone, and jams all cellphone signals in a 30' radius when turned on. Love dat!!!! So don't be surprised if you see me pulling what looks like a cellphone out of my pocket, and suddenly whoever happened to be home as you dialed every number saved in your nokia can no longer hear your shouted blithering. Heh heh, cat got your tongue.

Now that our offices are downtown, I'm thinking I won't likely be walking that little stretch of rail trail from Sabraton east much anymore. Last evening after hanging out with my friend Darla for a while at Booksamillion and Pizzeria Italia, I had to stop by the old office to grab the straggling plants and leftover phone and cat5 cables. Nice evening, had the latest EarthCore chapters in the iPAQ, so I decided to stroll the trail first. There was an incredible smell, faintly gardenia-like. Luscious. The white violets are almost done, the purple violets and trillium are done. I wonder if I'll grab a new chunk of trail for my habit, or just cruise downtown. We shall see.

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we're jamming, hope ya like jamming, too