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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
winer with an H?
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I bet the download stats are going up up up for Dave Winer and Adam Curry since their smoldering feud had a little flare up. Today I listened to Adam's 5/16/05 podcast and Dave's 5/15/05 podcast. Adam expressed both hurt feelings and a little snapback to Dave regarding the dickhead zinger. Adam made a fine point that I have heard Dave say himself - periodical publications never get it right! So how can you blame the interviewee for leaving your credit out? Amen to that, I have been victimized so many times myself by terribly and harmfully inaccurate reporting, or editing, of quotes or info attributed to me. I have read and heard so much inaccurate so-called news also about things of which I happen to know a little something, that it makes me hella skeptical of all journalism anymore.

Dave's cast doubled as the very first KYOU podcast broadcast (credit credit credit, feel better?). He focused again on his "warts and all" philosophy of podcasting, which he has taken a bit too far, methinks. Dude, your cast was so boring and stumbling that it was almost as if you added warts for effect. Let me add now that I listen to Dave pretty religiously, and have had several moments where I found him incredibly insightful, endearing, and intellectually fascinating. So it's not that I prefer the longhaired WASPy pretty boy.

Here's the thing: Yes, the pure unrefined creative impulses of children are cool things for even adults to stay in touch with. But we are not children, and when we grow up we learn to enjoy grown-up things, like sex, strong and complex flavors, not shitting in our pants, longer thinking, and yes even refined expression. We may still enjoy some childish things, but let us not bring all creative expression down to the child's level. We deserve more. So not every podcast needs to be friggin warts and all, there is an audience out here who enjoys high quality tightened content and well-produced audio. Me, for one.

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winer with an H?