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Thursday, June 23, 2005
chipmunk and gnomedex and whatnot
Listening to:birdies
Reading:shorts by Charlotte
Weather:62, sunny
I have two windows in my home office room, one on the side of the house overlooking my clothesline and neighbor about 100 yards away, and one on the back of my house overlooking a line of giant Norway spruces and a little meadow up the hill from my house. Out the back window this morning I see the lowest and widest branch of a Norway spruce, whose clumps of green needles hang down, has a little brown lump on it. I let my morning eyes focus a bit and see that it's a chipmunk sunning himself. How cute. Let's take a picture. So I grab little Canon Powershot SD300 and point out of the window. Kinda far away, and Canon has only 3x zoom, so outside we go. Of course he doesn't let me get too close before leaping off into the meadow. Alas. As I walk back to the house, the big orange cat that periodically creeps out of the big at the corner of my yard and the back meadow runs like a blur back under his usual spruce. I guess I interrupted his potential chipmunk breakfast. Alas for him.

Wish I were headed for Gnomedex. All the podcasting big boys will be there, and it's in groovy Seattle, a place I've always wanted to check out. Winer and Curry are both keynoting, that could be a hoot. They are both slacking on the podcasts today, but I'm guessing they'll each cast at least one from the event, as will hopefully plenty of other folks, who hopefully have good quality road gear, she said wistfully.

Speaking of good quality road gear, yo check out my new fantasy, the Mackie Onyx 1220. I keep thinking I should get some asskicking sound card, that I can plug my good audio straight in to. But, duh, then it's just a computer. Why not get a kickass mixer that also goes out USB or Firewire? Then ya get sound gig gear as well as puter toy. Shawing, enter the Onyx series. Drool.

The pool was a little cold but very refreshing yesterday, as I skipped out of work early and took a dip to cool off on my way home. Nice thing about getting a summer pool pass, you can go in for just a half hour or so and still feel like you're getting your money's worth.

Liv wants to go to Atlanta to see Weezer. Not gonna happen. Unfortunately the tour does not come very close to us (I think NJ and NY are it), and since two of her sisters live in Atlanta she thought she might talk her dad and/or me into a roadtrip southward for the show. I think not.

My single hummingbird has been joined by another male at the feeder. No females yet. Poor hummingbirds.

Off to work for me, but looking forward to a weekend at home. Somebody seriously needs to do my laundry! Uh, that would be me.

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chipmunk and gnomedex and whatnot