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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
free wiki
Listening to:nothing
Reading:earthcore, it's getting good
Weather:getting hot already
I'm thinking about work wiki, considering ways to use it, how to choose an engine, how to get staff to maximize it, etc. Stay tuned for the sequel.

Want to know how to attract plenty of lame-ass loser traffic to your blog? Mention "Katie Couric." For real. I have a free stats thingy that lets me see some stuff including the referral url for traffic to my site, and so many doubtlessly disappointed shlubs surfed here by googling or otherwise searching for the perky one. Whateveh.

Oh, way #2, include the term "olsen twins naked" somewhere in your blog.

I need to go to work, dangit. Somebody's got to do it!

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That's all I need to do to get traffic?

Done! LOL
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