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Thursday, June 30, 2005
My 14 Yr Old Is A Demon, and other sad tales
OY! I think we should all trade kids by the time they're around, say, 12. Then you can give'm back after they're 18 or so. Far far away she is just delightful, seriously. But right here in my house, doing pretty much nothing but staring at herself in the mirror all day long, babbling about the differences in 30 imperceptibly different shades of ghastly red she's going to dye her hair AGAIN, eating sugar, letting whatever is currently in her hand drop to the floor wherever she happens to be when it no longer amuses her, obsessing over some lame TV show or shitty pop band, whining about all the many things she wants, literally destroying anything of mine that I actually like or that is not replaceable, creating mountains of waste, and chatting via phone or im incessantly about only the truly inane and meaningless or who sucks, she is about 98.47% asspain and 1.53% reminder that my parenting skills must be lousy.

I know, I know, paybacks are hell. But my fortunate mother went away to school for 3 years of my evil adolescence. If I could do it for free it would be a tempting path, but I hate debt with a passion. Apparently more than I hate evil teenage demons in the house.

I can see why people take up drinking!

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My 14 Yr Old Is A Demon, and other sad tales