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Thursday, June 16, 2005
Supremes: stop in the name of love
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No surprises in the U$A. The Supreme Court ruled that sick people who use the only medicine that works for them, as prescribed by their physicians, should continue to be imprisoned by the federal drug war nutcases in Gonzales v. Raich, 352 F.3d 1222, vacated and remanded. What the hell. But one surprise, Justice Thomas dissented, as did Rehnquist and O'Connor. He bumps up a notch in the cateye. The Commerce Clause has swallowed the whole fucking constitution, it's a joke. How does a weed you grow in your own house or back yard for your own personal medical consumption affect interstate commerce? One way: pharmaceutical companies pee their pants because they can't patent cannabis, and you start getting better. Then Congress flexed it's freshly-verified muscle by voting down an exemption from fed prosecution for med marijuana patients in the 10 states that permit it. Thanks, assholes. How can this callous cruel policy of punishing sick people continue????!! Follow the money.

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This is where my brain went...

- by Bruce Cockburn

"The village idiot takes the throne
His the wind in which all must sway
All sane people, die now
Be lifted up and carried away
You've got no home in this world of sorrows

There's a parasite feeding on
Everybody's bag of rage
What goes out returns again
To smite the mouth and burn the page
Under the rain of all our dark tomorrows

I can see in the dark it's where I used to live
I see excess and the gaping need
Follow the money - see where it leads
It's to shrunken men stuffed up with greed
They meet and make plans in strange half-lit tableaux

Under the rain of all our dark tomorrows

You've got no home in this world of sorrows."


Known comments by Bruce Cockburn about this song:

April 2003

"You look at war and environmental problems and you look at what’s causing them and what’s preventing us from solving them and the trail always leads to human greed. Somebody’s getting paid to keep it that way or make it worse. Everyone’s wondering what it all means and what we can do about it."

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Supremes: stop in the name of love