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Monday, June 06, 2005
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Weather:hot muggy post-storm
Oy. Finally got DSL up at work after 2 long weeks sans internet in new offices. Meanwhile my home desktop primary harddrive threw essential sectors enough to prevent me from either booting with or copying that drive. Dangit. But, thankfully Ed had given me a wireless router, so I've been webbing with my iPAQ (though the browser is old and limited). Blog, I missed you!

So Deep Throat has been revealed, a Martin Short character ("give me a C, a bouncy C.") And Carly Simon's cheeky response to Matt Lauer's q, the other great 70's enigma, who's so vain? Uh, it's Katie Couric, that fatuous moron. She had Woodward and Bernstein on, said she was in awe of them (as she rightly should be), and then blathered "don't get a big head, you guys." Puhlease, your praise ain't worth shit, Katie, these guys are actual heroes without regard to your smarmy crap.

And on the podcastery front, I'm psyched about an emerging possibility of producing a podcast for a cool writer I know, with the voice help of a cool DJ I know. Unlike the rest of the podcast world, I'll not get you all frothy by claiming some Upcoming Announcement about it. :)

Schoolzout tomorrow, ahoooga! Liv will officially be highschool student. How did this happen?

After two presentations at the Summer Institute on Aging this week, I'll be off to St. Mary's to play the Bass Festival! First a gig in Parkersburg on Friday night to warm it up. Quick, fetch me my callouses!

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