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Saturday, July 30, 2005
google earth totally rules
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Weather:80, gorgeous, slight breeze
I'm so into Google Earth. Download it. Mess with it. Find your house. Find your friend's house. Find your mom's house. Save it, open it in photoshop and put a "you are here" layer over it, resave and send to your mom. Too much fun! Look at your favorite venue from the air. Add the roads overlay. Drag the map around and follow a road you've never driven down but always wanted to. Look at Manhattan, zoom in zoom out. How cool.

Finally the weather has broken a bit, humidity a little lower, temps very seasonable. Amazing how everyone's attitude has improved, too.

Got a new monitor, rock and roll. An LG Flatron L1716s. I got it from newegg shipped for $245 total. Finally LCD's have gotten high enough quality in the $250 range to be worth having. I have wanted one for space-saving and lower heat-generation reasons for a long time, but the fuzzy quality below about $600 was not acceptable to me. Finally better pixel pitch, brightness, and clarity is available even cheap. Not a gamer, so refresh speed is not an issue for me, though this one's plenty fast.

BTW, newegg totally kicks ass. Very fast shipping, the best prices, excellent selection, good service, I'm totally content with them.

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google earth totally rules