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Sunday, July 03, 2005
a great day to be cat
Listening to:liv singing in the shower
Reading:progressive political slogans
Weather:already 80, overcast, gonna be steamy
Greetings and salutations fellow blue planet inhabitants! Hot damn, it's 4th of July weekend, and life is good. Here I sit, in Independence, in front of my homemade 'puter stand, dripping with hippie bling, new 1.5mb pipeline burning up the 1's and 0's, good cooking smells wafting through the house, preparing for some celebration! Today liv has a little shindig and hootenanny, so I've been tempuraing (is that a verb? it is now) asparagus and steaming rice for veg sushi. But I'm concurrently preparing for a lovely loud protest of shrub's visit to morganhole manana. So dip a few spears in batter, throw it in the boiling peanut oil, rinse fingers, run out to the porch, spray paint another letter or two on the hanging bedsheet, rinse fingers, run back in, stir and turn asparagus, you get the idea. It's just peachy. I've got 3 sheets of foamcore, tons of ribbon, sparklies, and Sharpies, ready to rock on some handheld signs today. But first, a trip to town to hang sheet sign over courthouse square, and pick up the sushi vinegar, dangit, knew I'd forget something yesterday.

Glory hallelujah! Lucky cat!

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a great day to be cat