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Thursday, July 21, 2005
honking on the old log, daddy long legs
Listening to:DSC
Reading:grant proposals
Weather:71, still sticky even in the morning
Check out flipbook, how cool. You can draw yourself a little animation (you draw each frame) and it flash animates it for ya. Fun for the whole famdamily.

Why am I inundated with daddy long legs this summer? Every other freakin night I get startlingly awoken by one crawling on my head or something. So I instinctively grab it and either smush or throw it. I prefer to throw, because they stink when you crush them. Buth they're not easy to throw (no weight), and in the moment of being wrenched from precious sleep my reasoning skills are crippled. What the hell? Why all the 8 leggers?

Bush is a dork. Just a little reminder.

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honking on the old log, daddy long legs