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Saturday, August 27, 2005
cultivating a practice of noticing
Listening to:Volunteers of America, Jefferson Airplane
Reading:America (the Book), Jon Stewart
Weather:67, rainy
I think that's what this blog is about. That and digesting, expressing, and archiving. I stole the phrase from Robert Fripp's guitarcraft stuff, specifically his description of the purpose of journalizing guitar craft. If I had a spare $2,000 I would do the intro week of guitar craft in Jersey next spring. Doubt that is likely to happen, but what the hell, throw it out there, maybe some sweet patron will appear.

Speaking of sweet patrons, too bad Vermeer didn't have one. I watched Girl with a Pearl Earring last night, based on a novel about the creation of the Vermeer painting, and what a dick his patron was. Got to love those Dutch and Flemish masters, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Rubens, Van Eyck, etc. They rule. Check out the painting Arnolfini Wedding by Van Eyck. The detail will blow your mind, look at the funky mirror. Now that's a painting you could stand in front of for a good 20 minutes and not get the least bit bored. Some of those cats used the camera obscura to help them convert 3 dimensional reality into 2 dimensional imagery, very cool blending of science and art ala my man DaVinci. Back to the film. Scarlett Johannson is the girl, and I've really like her ever since Ghost World and Lost in Translation. Colin Firth plays Vermeer, a very Firthy Vermeer. If you like period films and art you'll probably enjoy this one, I do and I did.

Nice rainy day, probably see plenty more of that this week as hurricane Katrina moves up from Florida. We need it, and it's lovely.

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cultivating a practice of noticing