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Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Leonard Pitts is spot on, cathartic disclosure, don't forget to say "rabbit"
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Are ya sick of pervasive media coverage of the never-changing saga of Natalee Holloway, who's been missing in Aruba for 3 months now, and is probably dead? It's Jonbenet all over again, for shit's sake. I think it's obvious, if Natalee had not been blonde, cute, and christian, she'd have been out of the headlines in a week, if she'd ever made any headlines at all. Check out Leonard Pitts on this, he totally got it right.

Speaking of in excess, how about that silly reality show where contestants are vying for the lead singer spot for washed-up 80's aussie popsters INXS? OK, I'm ragging on it because I'm embarrassed to say I actually watch the show. I know, goofy, but there I am, rooting for the dready chick or the blue mohawk dude. Sad but true, cat happily splashing around in the vaste wasteland that is TV. And network TV at that, sheesh.

Today is the last day of August, only 3 more weeks till the equinox, heralding the start of a luscious season here in WV. I saw a few leaves changed on a sugar maple today on the way home. There's plenty of iron weed in full bloom.

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Leonard Pitts is spot on, cathartic disclosure, don't forget to say "rabbit"