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Friday, August 05, 2005
a little bird friend
Listening to:birds, coffee drip
Reading:some stuff about Outlook journal feature
Weather:72, slightly hazy
Yesterday after work I stopped at the pool, as I've been doing a lot this summer. Just for 20 or 30 minutes (they close at 6, I leave work by 5 or 5:15). As I began to pull in to a parking space in front, I see a little black bird in front of my tires, not flying away, but flapping one or two times. So I stop halfway in, get out, go to bird, it lets me pick it up. That can't be good. I get back in car, pull into spot, and begin to examine bird. No obvious injuries. Bird is mellow, hanging out in my hand, looking at me. So I grab my swim stuff and bird, head into changing room. I put bird on my towel while I change. I hang out with him for a while in the pool area, but I feel my pool time slipping away, so I stash him on my towel in a corner by the building, and take a short swim.

Here's the thing, the bird makes no noise at all. Not a proverbial peep. Doesn't attempt to eat or drink. So finally last night I pulled its little mouth open and put in a little big of banana. I protected it from my cat last night, and this morning birdie seems in same condition. It has pooped a couple of times, that seems like a good sign. It likes to just seek the dark and sleep. Every once in a while it flaps a little. This morning I gave it a couple of tiny mouthfuls of banana and peanut butter and water.

Speaking of birds, Senator Byrd is awesome and if those republican dorks in the senate think they can replace him, they got another thing coming. I'm not saying he's perfect, but I'm saying he's one of the only people in all of congress with the cajones to oppose this immoral war at every opportunity, from the start.

War is terror.

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I hope the bird turns out alright. Good point on Byrd too, the Repugs want him big time. Hopefully they will just end up wasting campaign money.
Right on, Frankie! Let the neocons burn their ill-gotten gains on fruitlessly trying to oust the formidable Byrd. Those asswipes.
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a little bird friend