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Monday, August 01, 2005
llama mama and whatnot
Listening to:bugs
Reading:much stuff
Weather:80, gonna get sticky
On our way home from the WVU parents club picnic in Philippi yesterday Liv and I saw a baby llama and a peacock. Right along my road. We turned up Oak Grove Road from 119, rather than taking it all the way to Gladesville Road. Oak Grove ends at a T onto my road, we turn left. Slalom through the woods and up the ridges to a nice high peak where you can see 360 degrees. Just before that, there's a little farm with tons of goats and sheep. And a pair of adult llamas, and now a new baby. So cute! Just past that house there's a new woodsided house next to an old decaying two story frame house. In front of it was a chicken yard with Rhode Island Reds, Banties, Aracunas. Sitting on the edge of the truck bed, nicely silhouetted against the blue sky, was a male peacock. Ya just wouldn't expect to see that kinda stuff in the 'hood, now, wouldja?

This has been the stickiest summer I can remember here. We've certainly had hotter spells (it gets to a hundred sometimes in Morgantown), but never a summer with steady high 80's, low 90's and very high humidity very 8 weeks straight. We could use a little rain, too. Also on the way home yesterday we got drove through a series of heavy little downpours in the bright sun. Always interesting. You could see them up ahead as you approached, a bright line of rain up against dry pavement. Accompanied, of course, by a rainbow to the east.

Going to be a good year for my apple trees. They are loaded and growing well. They are usually not sweet until well into fall, so ask me for applesauce or pie then.

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llama mama and whatnot