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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Even the Dalai Lama pissed me off today
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Weather:65, cool night
Begin rant. Ever have a day where virtually every human you encountered was either self-righteously ignorant, annoyingly stupid, or just infuriatingly inconsiderate? Welcome to my Wednesday. Bitch.

On the way to work I was listening to the audio book of How to Practice by the Dalai freakin Lama. Love the guy, really. But the chapter I landed on was just on and on with the philosophy behind compassion. Uh, dude, we're already DOWN with the philosophy, hence we grabbed the book detailing putting the philosphy into PRACTICE. Not up for the neverending whys and wherefores at 8:30am, I was hoping for a few tidbits of practicality to start the day. No compassion from the Lama to me, I got endless droning on about why you should practice compassion, and donk shit on how to actually do it. I'm sure my tone indicates my true need for some instruction here, goddamit.

Moving on, I park and walk a few blocks toward the office. Nearly there, I stand ready to cross at the crosswalk over to my building. The first floor of my building is the Pathfinder outdoor store, kayaks, mountain bikes, loads of gortex. It's a little funky because it actually inhabits two separate store fronts, one on each side of the main entrance where the elevators are to WVSLA and beyond. Man walking bicycle in front of the entrance #1. Store is dark. It's about 9:00am. Man calls across quiet street to two women smoking out in front of the Dollar Whatever store, "do you know what time this store opens?" BOTH of these moronic twits immediately look at their watches. As if the answer to the question is written on their wrists. "Uh, it's probably open now." Clearly it is not. The man is standing right in front of the doors, he's probably in a better position that you to know the store is not freakin open. But more importantly, PLEASE DO NOT PULL JUST ANY DAMN ANSWER OUT OF YOUR ASS when asked a question and the answer is actually "I don't know." What's so damn hard about saying "I don't know"? Just try it, it's easy. He didn't say "quick, what's the first thing that pops into your feeble little brain when I ask what time this store opens?" Your answer would have been truly kickass had that been the question.

Then I get to my desk and call someone who used to work in a clerk's office at the county courthouse to ask about how a certain kind of filing fee works (for every document filed in this type of case, or just once to open the action?) She left the clerk's office about a year ago to work for an insurance co. I call her at the ins. co. to ask the question. Her answer is "I don't work at the courthouse anymore." Uh. Amazing how I dialed the number for your current place of employment, was then greeted by a cheerful voice saying "BlaBlaBla Insurance Company," and you honestly think I don't know that you no longer work at the courthouse? I bet you can guess what the real answer was. Go ahead, I'll wait. [jeopardy theme. . .] "I don't know." Why is that so difficult to say? Why must 20 other stupid answers fly straight out of your ass first?

Then at lunch time I take a little walk up the street. Lovely day, stretch my legs. Then I sit on the perfect butt-height stone wall in front of the church on High Street and watch people go by. A woman tells me she's headed for WalMart then going to get her lottery tickets, as she walks away from me I see that her ass has consumed nearly all of her shorts, it's just gross. But kinda funny. Then a woman is having a pretty heated argument with herself. Really pissed about something, getting a little loud, but not directing it at anyone, continuing to walk on ahead. The next few people walking in the opposite direction mumble and look at each other and ask, was she talking to herself? Yeah. She was. It happens, no biggie. Then this scruffy dude says "that nutcase ought to just go back where she came from." Exactly what kind of stupid and ignorant statement is that? What the fuck are you talking about? What, like she's from Mars? She's probably from this very town. She's probably your freakin sister. Who the hell is she bothering? What's it to you that she's babbling on to herself?

And just then, as if doG Almighty reached down for the checkmate, this plastic bag-laden bad shorts-wearing woman walks by, talking loudly in an annoyingly slow hillbilly patois, saying this or something damn close to it: "Yeah, so then I bought some paper. Right. Then I bought 2 pens, because I didn't anything to write with, ya know? Yeah. Then I decided to go get some. . ." Now of course, she has a tiny little headphone mic on attached to her cell phone. She is indeed not talking to herself. But OMFG! How is she any less insane, or annoying, or dangerous, or welcome here on this street, than woman #1?

And last but not least, later I am at work. My plant looks like shit, thirsty from my neglect. I walk down the hall to borrow the watering can from my colleague, who is out of the office today, but one of the doors to her office is open. I have to pass through door #1 first to get to her door. A person is standing in the threshold of door #1 chatting with someone, so as I walk up I say "excuse me please," she steps aside continuing her conversation, and I pass through. Smooth, no prob. Of course I must pass back out through door #1 with watering can to get back to my desk. As she has stepped back smack into the middle of the doorway again, I again say "excuse me" as I approach, she steps aside, I pass through. Back to my desk, water plant for about 15 seconds, then head back to return watering can, and guess what? Roight. Again. "Excuse me." Steps aside. You know the drill, one more time after I set down the can, same deal. Hey, here's a crazy ass idea, why don't you choose ANYWHERE ON THE FREAKIN PLANET BUT RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A DOORWAY to stop and chat?!!?!! Or maybe once you are reminded that it is a thoroughfare, you pick a new spot? 3rd time? Oy.

End rant.

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Even the Dalai Lama pissed me off today