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Friday, September 02, 2005
it's like somebody accidently hit the big delete
Listening to:This American Life
Weather:69, barely dark
Still more tales of horror pouring in from New Orleans, Biloxi, Bay St. Louis. I have to agree with the prediction of Doc Searls, that "when the dead are counted, most of them will have been poor." But I'll add to that, or elderly or disabled.

How can we help? Where should we send money? Rather complicated question, really. Some musician friends and I got a little windfall this week, we're trying to get it to multiply a little and then pass it on somehow to help these americans who are suddenly living in a third world. Red Cross? Second Harvest? Move On's housing board? I had a thought this morning, maybe we should send it to the emergency fund of Biloxi or New Orleans local of the American Federation of Musicians. We can only do so little, it's hard to choose where to aim a rain drop at the ocean.

In closing, all good here in Independence, I couldn't possibly complain.

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it's like somebody accidently hit the big delete