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Wednesday, September 14, 2005
slacka slacka slack
Listening to:crickets
Reading:How to Practice, Dalai Lama
Weather:75, lovely
they call me the slacker. I missed you, blog! No excuses, so let's move on.

Did I hear correctly that now that schmuck Pat Robertson is blaming Hurricane Katrina on the fact that abortion is legal in the US? Puhlease, dude. What I wouldn't give to see a nice crack of lightning come down just at the top of his lousy golf swing. . .

And speaking of golf (this episode brought to you by Segues R Us), I'm heading for Nemacolin Woodlands on Friday night to the 84 Lumber Golf Classic. But, cat, you say, I thought you despised golf? I thought you found it utterly absurd to watch fat balding white men in yellow polyester riding electric carts chasing little balls around? I thought you were disgusted by the symbology of golf, the tradition of racism and sexism and classism of country clubs, the environmental rape by chemistry that is necessary to create that manicured green monoculture, the dorky hats? Uh, yeah. I do. But here's the thing, the DOOBIE BROTHERS are playing after the golf round! Yeah, baby, yeah! Ya know how cat just loves the doobage! And I got the tix for FuhREE! Didn't even have to test drive a lousy ass Ford to do it. For those outside my television viewing area, the local Ford dealers have been advertising this golf tourney for weeks, and offering two free tickets to anyone who testdrives a Ford. Now you can just imagine how amenable I would be to that . . ."I'm a Ford Truck man, that's all I drive, I ain't got no boundaries, I don't compromise." Now who on earth could come up with any jingle more pathetic, distasteful, and lame than that? Roight, I'm all about partying with you, people who ain't got no boundaries and don't compromise, they're such great folks. What a bunch of crap. But I might have even done that heinous act, testdrive a Ford, for the doobs. But ask and ye shall receive, loud shout out to my right-hand man Jolene for scoring me two tix from her car dealer friend. Can I get a "hell yeah"?

So picture me this friday, all booty shakin, singing along to some China Grove, Long Train Runnin, Listen to the Music, Black Water, Takin It to the Streets, Real Love, Minute By Minute, What a Fool Believes, Dependin On You, It Keeps You Runnin, you have got to love these cats!!! It could only be better if the sweet luscious and juicy Michael McDonald were still in the band, but no worries, I'll sing his part, yo.

Then off to Camp Dawson on Saturday, to do a little legal advocacy and musical needs assessment. I finally got hooked up with the volunteer scene, and let me say it was so not easy. Let's just say the situation with volunteer recruitment and management is extremely not well organized. But hopefully that will improve, and won't get in my way, cuz I'm on a mission. 4 fried chickens and some dry toast.

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slacka slacka slack