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Saturday, October 22, 2005
Bringing out the big shrimp
Listening to:daily source code
Reading:george carlin
Weather:50, misty, breezy
I got to see Ruth Bader Ginsburg speak at the law school on Thursday. Almost didn't get a seat, it was packed. She was interesting, though she rather disappointingly didn't give up anything about the current state of the Court or how the face of the Court might change with the departure of Rehnquist and O'Connor. What I found most remarkable about her speech was the fact that she could barely see over the podium. Seriously. She's like the most diminutive asskicking jurist on the planet. Her legs are like broomhandles. A real standout for the small people of the world, for whom there is still quite a bit of prejudice, really.

Anyhoo, she focused on the status of women in the law profession, from law schools on up to high courts in other nations, tons of statistics. She had done her homework (more likely her clerk did her homework) on West Virginia, she had some stats about gender in law students, faculty, and our court. She gave some genuine kudos to O'Connor, how she encouraged her when she was first appointed and Rehnquist gave her a wicked ERISA opinion to draft.

After the speech she took a few questions, though didn't really answer them. Why the evasion, you're appointed for life? Then there was a reception in the foyer of the most expensive stuff Mountainlair Catering has to offer, including giant shrimp and crab cakes and chocolate covered strawberries.

I went to chastn yesterday for a thing that didn't happen, but it ended up to be a very nice day, I hung out with my colleague Linda at the Bureau. We had lunch at a great little al fresco Italian place. It's nice to get a chance to hang out a little, and I had an entertaining audio book for the drive, so I didn't regret it. George Carlin's When Will Jesus Bring the Porkchops. Mostly entertaining, though he crosses the line with me on a few things, and a few attempts in the book are just not that funny. But there were some hilarious little nuggets.

I've got stuff to burn, apples to pick, and some brush to cut, but this weather is not inviting at all. There's always plenty of house to clean or laundry around here, so maybe I'll put my mind to that today.

And a special shoutout goes to my pal Dantheman who is in New Orleans delivering some humanitarian aid. Peace and love, dude.

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Bringing out the big shrimp