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Monday, October 24, 2005
first snow!
Listening to:Who Loves You, Four Seasons
Reading:lots of stuff
Weather:snowing, hence the title, 34
Dig it. After a busy morning at the office, I headed out at 1:30 to the annual meeting and board meeting of the Northern West Virginia Center for Independent Living (NWVCIL)and that was the usual marathon. I left early, at 4:45, to head back to the office to pick up Olivia and head home. She sweettalked me into letting Brandin come home with us tonight. It had been raining cold all day, and on the way home the rain started looking a little chunky. You know how the splatter on the windshield starts looking different, like each drop has little tiny bits of something in it? I said betcha bucks by time we hit the top of the hill it'll be a winter wonderland.

Bingo. I took it slow, since there's nothing quite a slippery as a rainy road that freezes with snow on top. We made it home safely, here's what it looked like minutes ago.

Yesterday we had a bang up time at the corn maze and haunted house at Rich Farms. All except for the church contingent that joined us. Their youth leader was so uptight, he called a meeting of the adults and asked that since his rule for the churchees was no public displays of affection, we all out of respect please instruct our children to do the same. ? I neither confirmed nor denied, but you can be damn sure I did no such thing. That would conflict with my family's values, you fucking dork. In our family we believe there should be more affection, not less. What would jesus do, dumbass? Hugs and kisses all around, of course.

You've been touched by an atheist.

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first snow!