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Friday, October 07, 2005
it's hot in October, folksonomy, Capito won't run against Byrd, Oktoberfest roadtrip today
Listening to:the rain
Reading:your tea leaves
Weather:a balmy 68 and raining
This weather is flipping me out. It's been so unseasonably warm and dry and sunny for months, yet cooling off comfortably at night. Now it has finally started to rain, and it's been 70 or close to it all night long. Unbelievable. No global warming. Roight.

I've been educating myself about social bookmarking/tagging/folksonomy. Like or technorati or other stuff. I see lots of people following the heard, blogging about blogging about blogging, and basically incestuously puking back what they read from others. Likewise, on myspace and friendster the goal seems to be to have the biggest number of "friends." I've been thinking about the technologies more as a way to easily access my bookmarks from any computer anywhere, and also for sharing bookmarks at work (how cool would that be). I'm still exploring the possibilities, but for me I'm kinda getting stuck on the fact that the tagging approach to bookmarking doesn't mesh with my head, which really likes taxonomies. I love hierarchy. Don't tell my commie friends. But seriously, tagging seems like chaos to me, it just ain't working out. Comments? Suggestions?

Shelly Moore Capito has announced she won't run against Senator Byrd for 06. I know the repooplicans have a hard-on to get rid of the bodaciously outspoken and powerful liberal Byrd, and it's been interesting to think about how that could have played out. Shelly's pretty popular, and she's probably not the worst R out there, though she would surely tow the party line whenever necessary, so she therefore doth suck. However, it might have been nice to have her lose to Byrd, and also fill her seat with a democrap. I guess she thought about that, too, and decided to preserve her own ass rather than go after the mighty Byrd. Smart move. And though I'm confident all my readers are smarter than Matt Lauer, here's a little reminder to everyone that these two parties are merely pretending to be so opposite and adverse, to give the illusion of rigorousness in U$ politics. In reality they are merely two stinking sides of the same shitty coin.

And who frickin cares cuz it's Oktoberfest time!!!! Ahooooooga! Off to Bramwell today to party with my sweet and wonderful old pals whom I generally only get to see once a year. The delicious beer will flow, we will sit around the fire playing and singing, we will sneak off to burn one so our kids don't see, they will make fun of their old hippie parents. But as Lively G points out, we're setting a good example for our young'uns, working hard for justice every day, then partying like rock stars when we get together and the working day is done. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Blessed be the hops and the barley.

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it's hot in October, folksonomy, Capito won't run against Byrd, Oktoberfest roadtrip today