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Friday, October 28, 2005
a little politics, and a puzzler
Listening to:When You Come Back Down, Nickel Creek
Reading:A Million Little Pieces
Weather:45, partly cloudy, dropping fast
I have to let it out, it's been driving me freakin nuts. So all at once, here's what's been rotting my brain lately, beware, rant begins here. Harriet Miers was a ridiculous candidate, and a baffling choice. What the? But I think now we can see, she is strong evidence that W is really first and foremost a corporatista. Yeah, he's a jesus freak, but not enough for the neocon jesus freaks. Yeah, he's anti-gay, but not enough for the anti-gay chunk of the R's. What he really stands for above all else is empowering the Sprawlmarts and Halliburtons of the U$A. That's why he nominated his personal lawyer, the chick who has a crush on him, for high court. Need more evidence?

Nepali indentured servants are doing the shit work of the Iraq war, brokered through human slave traders and sub-sub-contracted by, you guessed it, Halliburton. My fucking tax dollars are paying for massive profits for the Cheney gang, while destitute Nepalis are getting paid $300 a month, A MONTH, to do the menial labor that Halliburton can't profit enough to pay amerikans, or Iraqis, to do. Unless, of course, they get kidnapped and murdered, in which case they get paid nothing and their families back home owe debts of $3500 and more to the slave traders since the dead ones can't send any money home now. Read about it here. Alternet not credible enough for you? How about the LA Times or the Utne Reader. Despicable.

Indictments all around. Delay, Cheney, hopefully Rove. This administration should go down in history connected primarily with one word: corruption. The shit is rotten to the core, and finally it's getting so clear even the R's can't avoid the reality.

Big oil makes record profits this quarter as needy americans choose between food, prescription drugs, and home heating fuel. Record bloody profits as we struggle to fill our tanks to go to our underpaid jobs. That is the definition of exploitation, isn't it? Employing to the greatest possible advantage for selfish purposes. Look it up. Don't be surprised if we find dead little old ladies in the hollers of West Virginia this winter if it's a cold one, which it could be thanks to global climate change. They can't afford to stay warm, eat, and get healthcare. This treatment of our needy people, our elders who built all that we have, in the wealthiest nation on the entire frickin planet. It's shameful. W let elderly nursing home residents in New Orleans DROWN TO DEATH because he hired his horse's ass crony to run FEMA. Corruption, greed, incompetence, there's your axis of evil, you fuck. End rant.

Here's the view from my office window, overlooking the Mon County Courthouse. Note the lovely clock tower. What is wrong with this picture? I have been seeing this scene for several months, almost daily, and I never noticed it until Liv's boyfriend Brandin pointed it out to me today. Can you figure it out? Answer next week.

Meanwhile, still now power chez cat, now restoration not officially expected until Monday, I'll be surprised if it's on even then. Getting pretty boring at my house, believe me. I downloaded a bunch of podcasts to my pda today, and I can recharge my battery in the car, so at least I'll have a little TWiT and Adam Curry to entertain me this weekend. Peaceout.

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a little politics, and a puzzler