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Wednesday, October 26, 2005
record snow
Listening to:traffic on High Street
Reading:A Million Little Pieces
Weather:44, overcast
Look, we can debate about whether humans are a causal factor in global warming, but anyone who continues to deny global warming's existence must be on some choice drugs. You bogarting bastards. Seriously, do we have to reach the end of the greek alphabet of asskicking hurricanes for you to get it? Residents of Independence WV had to face the stern realities of it (I guess I really should use the term climatologists use: global climate change) yesterday morning when they woke up to this crazy scene. It hadn't even frosted yet and we got about a foot of snow altogether yesterday. Whack.

BTW, I'm at work blogging (it's after 5, I'm not goldbricking) because I have no power at home. Since about 5:30a yesterday. It's like a long weird camping trip at my house. Since I have city water (thanks Dantheman!) I have water, unlike the old days of spring water and no pump juice meant no running water. It takes a shitload of snow to flush a toilet, she said amused at her own pun. Fortunately the temps have been very mild (not below 32), so pipes freezing is not a possibility. And I have a bodacious kerosene heater that heats the whole bloody house, which I didn't have to fire up till last evening cuz the house was at 70 when the power went and didn't drop to near 60 until 5:30p. I also have a camp stove to cook on (which inspired me to cook a fabulous breakfast of fried potatoes and eggs with shallots this morning), and a camp shower (which I can fill with water heated on the campstove). Oh, and I went on an ice run about 5:30 this morning and stuffed my freezer and 2 coolers with ice to keep most of my food from spoiling. So I'm pretty much golden.

Power restoration expected on Friday, so it'll be fun at camp cat for a couple more days. Actually, it's probably a very good thing to have to unplug from the cathode ray tubes every so often. Liv was about to go nuts (no school Tuesday or today, and perhaps tomorrow), but she and Brandin are at the mall enjoying being around humans and electricity today. She also checked in on myspace here at work, so that jones is fixed, at least temporarily.

Check out the pumpkin I carved. I had myself a lovely time doing that this past weekend. I have a bit of a fetish for ephemeral art, so I tend to go to town on a pumpkin or two this time of year.

Tomorrow night I'm tempted to go see David Lindley at the Rosewood. I have an unexpectedly free day at work tomorrow, since the conference where I was scheduled to present has been cancelled because of the power outage. Maybe I'll get a bunch of work done and reward myself with a show down the street from the office. Just remind me not to leave my car in the parking garage again, it turns into a pumpkin at 9p and last time that cost me $12.00.

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record snow