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Sunday, October 16, 2005
What Would Scooby Do? not vote for Catlett
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Weather:55, breezy, mostly cloudy
I fired up the furnace today. I've been trying to hold out, easy to do until today. Even though it's been going down in the 40's and 50's at night, when it's sunny and at least 65 during the day, my house warms up to at least 70 and stays above 60 all night. But when the outdoor temp never makes it up to 60 and the sun only comes out in spurts, the house just won't warm up by itself. Alas. So I fired it up to a cozy 70 today. I'm not even going to talk about the cost of fuel, we're all just crossing our fingers for a mild winter.

The Bramwell Oktoberfest was wonderful, as always. There are two places to check out my photos, is a page I made with just the pictures in rows of 3 across. And here's my flickr set where I tried something new, annotating the shots with notes.You click on each pic, mouse over it and a note box will appear. That was kinda fun to do.

The weather was slightly rainy, as usual, but that doesn't dampen the fun. It never ceases to amaze me how drinking handcrafted beer all day long, outdoors, walking around a little storybook town, somehow cannot create a hangover. No matter how much beer I drink, I feel great the next morning. Every year. And this was no exception. The Virginia boys shared some wonderful beers with me, a Virginia Voodoo stout and Abby Ale, among others. Ned from motown had a lovely Black Ale, a surprising delicious beer, looked all kinds of dark but tasted clean like an ale. Somebody had a Dunkel that was wonderful. Of course I had plenty of the Chesterfield Ale, too.

The campfire music is always my favorite part. But there were some important folks missing this year: Clayton, that cigar-chomping curmudgeon who cooks up a breakfast worth the 5 our trip, Cameron, my kind and sweet guitar partner in crime, George's dad, the absolutely delightful patriarch, Jesse and Carol, my true pals who are busy working on the house they just bought, Gail, another true pal who is cranking out jewelry for the season, and last but certainly not least, the teepee. I know y'all got great reasons for blowing off the Ofest, but as a friend I'm telling you your priorities are seriously fucked up. Call me to discuss.

Monday night I played the Silent Witness event in motown, for the 3rd year. Dave Sweitzer ran sound for me, did a great job, I think I played well, though I had a hard time keeping the guitar in tune. I had STUPIDLY put ultramegasuper lights on because they were out of lights, and they sucked so much I changed the top 3 strings about an hour before the show. I use Elixirs, and the superlights are just too thin and unstable. They're nice and easy to bend, since the G is plain and the B and E are extremely thin, but they won't stay in tune and they are even hard to just play in tune on. Anyhoo, I played 6 tunes, one each between 5 great short presentations on various aspects of domestic violence. Packed house at the Alumni Center. All good.

Well, don't jump for joy too quickly about Shelly announcing she won't run against the esteemed Robert Byrd, cuz apparently Gale Catlett is going to run. Yeah, the former basketball coach. Oy. Why couldn't we get a Sonny Bono or Jesse Ventura? If we're going to have to put up with a dorky local celeb thinking he can legislate, I'd definitely rather have a musician or a wrestler.

The dust mites have invaded, time for some housecleaning. Next weekend we're off to the 7 acre cornfield maze and the haunted house at Rich Farms.

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Really enjoyed your photos, Cat(h). Brings a girl back to reality. Your pal, Jill M.
Jill! Good to hear from ya, glad you enjoyed the pix, taken by a happy cat.
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What Would Scooby Do? not vote for Catlett