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Thursday, November 24, 2005
Happy Thanksgiving; losing my manhattan connexion; welcome to, stranger
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Weather:31, snowing
Happy thanksgiving to all y'all. I'm enjoying the snowy morning (though Kristy Kubovic was SO WRONG as usual, we did not get the foot of snow she predicted), and getting ready to head over to Gail's to help paint her new crib. Hopefully I won't get snowed out of coming home to cook the feast tonight. I cooked the stuffing and potatoes already, got a frozen pumpkin pie to bake, Larry's organic beans in the jar, and Cornish hens are defrosted in the fridge, so it should only take me about an hour and half to fire it all up when I get home from painting this evening. I'm looking forward to helping Gail get moved out of the place she's been in for too many years, and into a fresh space. And speaking of new cribs. . .

many congrats in order for Steve and Marit and August, who, rumor has it, closed on their co-op in the Bronx! Yay for them. But I'm sure there's some bittersweetness to it, Steve's been in the same apartment building in Manhattan for lotta years (couple decades?). They moved upstairs to a larger one (dude, that is SO relative) after the baby was running around, but still the same old building. I'm sure they'll miss being so close to Steve's work (the NY Roadrunners Club, right by Central Park and the Guggenheim and shit). But becoming a homeowner is the american dream, right? Gotta love that. Cheers to them for the big move in just a few days.

And more mapping stuff (I apparently have a cartography fetish), check out You can set waypoints, draw routes, make various kinds of maps. All groovy. One thing I can't seem to get any of the usual driving directions sites (googlemaps, mapquest, randmcnally, etc.) to do is you could draw two different routes, and compare mileage. Now YMMV because since you're drawing the route, it won't snap to a road for you, so the closer you're zooming as you draw, the more accurate your mileage will be. But still.

Tally ho, time to think about motorvating.

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Happy Thanksgiving; losing my manhattan connexion; welcome to, stranger