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Sunday, December 04, 2005
the chicken diaper and other gross things
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If you've been to my house you know that "where's the garbage?" is a question that gets a relatively lengthy and, for some, confusing answer. See, I'm a bit fanatical about reducing waste. I think we american$ are major trash hounds, and it ain't right. So I recycle metals, glass, office paper, the numbered plastics, I burn some other paper and cardboard, I compost the compostibles, I feed the meat scraps to the ferrel cats, and all that's left each week is a small plastic grocery bagful (or less) mostly of other plastics and some styro. I don't have a service to pick up my trash (yeah, I know, I'm a lawbreaker, so much for my US Supreme Court confirmation), which gets me to seriously reduce the trash I make from the start - I think about waste disposal when I'm buying stuff in the first place. I take my little light bag with me when I leave for town or work, and invariably I encounter a trashcan which gladly accepts the bag - at a gas station, on the street downtown, out in front of the grocery store, etc.

So here's the thing: what the hell am I supposed to do with that nasty little plastic-covered piece of clothy paper stuff that absorbs the ooze from the styro package of raw chicken? The chicken diaper. It's disgusting. Everything else that goes in the trash bag is clean and dry, but the chicken diaper is foul and funky. What the hell is it for? There's no diaper in the other dead critter packages. Why not just let the chicken juice collect in the styro like the beef dye, so you can just rinse it out? It just sucks. This was of course never a prob for me until I started eating flesh again several years ago. When I was an herbivore, my trash sitch was all the groovier. Alas.

Speaking of things grody, Liv puked on the floor next to my bed yesterday morning. Nice. She missed two days of school this week, and I thought she was mostly slacking. Apparently not. Of course I've ripped out all the carpet in this house except for the guest room, the stairs, and, you guessed it, my bedroom. Lovely.

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the chicken diaper and other gross things