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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
digging a little time off
Listening to:Hey Ya, Outkast, in my head
Reading:The D'oh of Homer Simpson
Weather:32, mostly overcast
It's so awesome to have a few days at home. We have holidays on Monday and Friday so I took off the 3 days between, and am enjoying them thoroughly. The temps are expected to go into the 40's today, so I this snow will likely all be gone in a day or two.

Liv and Brandin saw Wolf Creek, a creep slasher movie ala Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The TV ad for it is deceptive, it displays Tarantino's name big as life, like it's his film, but it's just a quote from him about the movie. Anyhoo, Liv said it scared her crapless. Whatever floats your boat, kid.

It's almost 2006, are you making resolutions? I don't usually do it, but this year I think I'll try one. I want to spend more time with my bud Boomer this year. We stay in touch by email, and he generously brings me cool CD's and DVD's occasionally when he comes to Mo'town. But he only lives about 45 minutes from my house, and we rarely ever break out of our work/home/sleep cycles to actually do anything fun together, so in 2006 it'll be different. So now it's on display for the whole world to potentially see, somebody please hold me to it. thanks.

This is the scene that greeted me from my bedroom window this morning. I'm not usually home at this time of day, so it's nice to see things in this light for a change. It's a humble little place, but my house is awesome to me.

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Hi, Cat. I'm Kat (short for Kathleen), and I live near Joshua Tree. I like your post. We appear to have a lot in common. Happy New Year and hope 2006 is your best year ever.

Internal growth and eternal happiness,

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digging a little time off