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Monday, December 19, 2005
it's coming on xmas, they're cutting down trees
Listening to:grandaddy
Reading:my mail
Weather:25, snowing
Mmm, yummy, I'm eating a slice of cranberry bread I baked last night. Yeah, that's right, I baked. I'm a regular Martha freakin Stewart. Seriously, I cranked out 5 loaves (1 for me, 4 for neighbors) of this cranberry orange almond bread, it's the bomb. Take a cranberry bread recipe, add plenty of orange zest and orange juice, and replace 1/5 of the flour with almond meal, and add almond extract. And thank me later. I also baked a triple batch of shortbread, that came out pretty awesome. Not too sweet, just right.

I like to bake a little something for my neighbors every year, the folks across the road, the two families up the hill, and the elderly couple down the road. Like one of my clients once told me "ya got to be a neighbor to git a neighbor." Can't argue with that logic.

If you grew up when I did (I'm almost 40), and you listened to the radio like I did, you remember the Alan Parsons Project, yes? You know, Eye In the Sky, Wouldn't Want To Be Like You, Games People Play. We'd all sit around in college doing bonghits and listen Old and Wise and think it was so profound. Well here's a little xmas treat for ya, only if Alan Parsons is part of your memory world, otherwise it won't make sense. Dig this California band called Grandaddy singing Alan Parsons in a Winter Wonderland (click the link, then click play, enjoy).

It's snowing, imagine that. Dude, I haven't seen my yard or my driveway in weeks. And it's not even solstice (Wednesday afternoon, almost there).

Like a rockstar, I'm headed to the recording studio tonight after work, I got the call from old bandmate dhruva' last night. She said "hey, we're here finishing up some tracks, got one with an Eleanor Rigby kinda thing going on, care to lay some cello down?" Love to. I have to leave work at 3p for a Board meeting (I sit on the board of a local Center for Independent Living, go IL!), then it's off to the stu-stu-studio (think Phil Collins, made ya laugh).

When am I going to get motivated to shop, for christ's sake? Little atheist joke there. But seriously, I haven't done donk about all the reciprocal gifts I'll be needing in a few days. Oy.

I wish I had a river I could skate away on.

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it's coming on xmas, they're cutting down trees