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Saturday, December 31, 2005
new year's cheese
Listening to:Shine, Kevin Reeves
Reading:little o'this, little o'that
Weather:39, overcast
K, you only have about 14 hours to check off those accomplishments for 2005, folks. Me, I'm accomplishing sitting on my ass and surfing the net this morning, and feeling pretty damn good about it.

What about tonight? I've spent that vast majority of New Years Eves in my adult life working (it's the big money night of the year for bands in clubs), so I'm enamored with the idea of ushering in the new year in the snuggly comfort of my humble little hillbilly chateau. I know, sounds very boring, but it sounds luscious to me, so that's probably what I'll do. But first, a movie this afternoon. Kong? Narnia? Harry Potter? Geisha? Syriana? So many schmoovies, so little time. And so few cinemas - we just got almost doubled our number of local screens with the addition of a Hollywood 12 opening, and they play all the same damn shows the mall cinemas show. Whooptifreakindoo.

I spent about an hour yesterday scanning some old photos. My kid is the most sensationally adorable child on planet earth. No, seriously.

Still have some snow lying around here, for about 6 weeks now. Happy winter!

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new year's cheese