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Thursday, December 01, 2005
"normous" is not a suffix, Amos Lee again
Listening to:Amos Lee, Colors
Weather:28, snowing
Are you with me on this? Gi-normous, not a word. Meat-normous, also not a word.

Watching the end of a devo'd House earlier this week (it's one of the 5 or 6 shows I record all the time, for those sad souls w/o DVR try Fox on Tuesdays at 9p), there was a tasty smoove slow grooving tune happening. Unfortunately it played for only maybe 20 or 25 seconds. Also, unfortunately, no songs in the credits. This sucks for the viewer and for breakout artists who get lucky enough to get their tunes sampled in the shows. But a lyric line was repeated, and I remembered it: colors start to fade. Unique enough to google, so I did. Came up with a song Colors by Amos Lee. Found his website. Which sucks, BTW. Dude, can you guys all make it any harder for people to find you and buy your shit? No mention of getting played on House. No email addy for Amos. No tourdates listed. No bio. Nice page, dude. But now that I know the album name, I find it on Amazon, a used copy for less than $5 plus shipping, hit one-click order, happy cat. The CD speedily appeared in my mailbox today. Saweet. I jump to track 7, Colors, luscious just like I remembered. Spin the rest of the disk, all tasty, shades of Keb Mo, Norah Jones, Joan Osborne. A warm slow burn. I think you'll dig it, so here's another money back guarantee. If you buy it and don't like it, I'll buy your copy from you, no questions asked, mate. K?

Anyhoo, when the CD ends I start it at the beginning to catch the first 6 tracks. Track 3 instantly sounds familiar, in fact I can sing along. WTF? When could I have heard it? This is the guy's first album, so he can't have been around long. Mountain Stage? So I surf the MS website, and hell yeah, he played there in April 2004. And the show's been rebroadcast, and I apparently heard it. I remember the song, and remember thinking the guy was da bomb. Righteous.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Ahooga.

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"normous" is not a suffix, Amos Lee again