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Saturday, December 10, 2005
study war no more, beernight, I've got an IKEA jones
Listening to:DSC
Reading:Tourist Season
Weather:19, sunny, snowcovered
Nothing profound today, I just feel like memorydumping some personal trivia. So. Nice way to start the weekend, we had a snowday yesterday (friday). Liv was at her sister Spring's in town, happy with cable and internet, though no phone. I called my auditor, with whom I had a 9am appointment, and he said he was about to call me to cancel. Cool. I was on duty for the client callbacks since my staff atty was off, but Jolene and I have a smooth system for snowdays. Clients don't even know we're not in the office. I doled out a little peace of mind for the weekend to new 3 clients (via Skypeout), almost finished our newsletter, and got a little miscellaneous stuff done, all from the toasty comfort of my home office. Badabing! Good day, good work, and got 2 loads of laundry done in the meantime, yeah, baby.

At 4:00 I left to pick up Daria and Liv and Brandin and we headed to an anti-war protest on the courthouse square. Seriously cold. It was around 20 and windy. But there were about 20 or 25 of us, with out signs, getting lots of folks heading home from work to honk for peace. It was frigid but fun.

Then we dropped Brandin off where his mom works and headed to beernight. Another excellent beernight had by all! It was unusual in that we had some of our kids along, Liv, Dylan, his friend. Dantheman cooked up a delicious meal, Daria brought an awesome ice cream cake from Cold Stone for dessert, and of course there was plenty of Corona and lime. We chatted about politics, movies, TV, the usual. Always lovely, and a nice way to start the weekend.

K, you know I got rid of my albums. And the giant stereocase they lived in. I got rid of some other stuff, and found new homes for some of the remaining stuff from that case (some cassetes of me and friends live, my CoolCat chorus pedal, various and sundry little instruments like a tiny handheld casio keyboard and a stick tambourine, etc). But I still have some stuff that needs a home. And I need something to put all my CD cases on, preferably at eye height. So I'm getting that old IKEA jones. Since I hate to dust, but like to see my junk, I'm thinking more glass-doored cabs. Time for a trip to the 'burgh, yo. But in the meantime my livingroom is disheveled and starting to bug me. I know, get over it.

Dude, on my way home from St Marys on Thursday I stopped at Circuit City. I was kinda looking for a bluetooth overear headset, a GPS receiver on compactflash for my iPAQ, a cheap video card for a second monitor, and a wifi router way faster than the one I have and never use. Circuit City never has shit that I want. Major disappointment. But I did pick up a D-Link 802.11G router that is just splendid for $29.99 after rebate. So now I can roll over and email or Skype before I even get up to pee. What a world.

The pic above is the amazing dam beavers have built on my creek. I have a little pond in my meadow now. Scale is not clear, but it's about 2 1/5 feet at the highest point of the dam, impressive. But those little shits cut down my volunteer apple tree down there, dangit.

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study war no more, beernight, I've got an IKEA jones