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Sunday, December 11, 2005
sudoku, Tim Ware Group, RIP Richard Pryor

Originally uploaded by justpeace.
I'm not big on games, but I'm kinda into this numbers game called sudoku. I've got a free version on my PDA, and I've just started playing and it's pretty fun. Reminds me of a game I played as a teenager called Contig, where you can use any operators between given numbers to make equations answers fit both vertically and horizontally. Anyhoo, sudoku requires no math, it's just logic.

This is one of my four poinsettias that I've had for several years. My fave, actually, it is the Monet variety. I did a great job getting this one to bloom, and one of the others is also blooming, but the other two won't bloom this year. It's all about keeping them out of the light for long enough each night. You can't turn on any lights in the room they're in after dark, and you really need to keep light from other rooms and outside through windows away from them, too. But once they've had several weeks of that, they'll go into blossom mode and then you can turn lights on without disturbing it. Now I can put that lamp back into the living room for another year.

Cool little story: I stole an album from the public library when I was about 14. It was the first self-titled album by the Tim Ware Group. I know, you've never heard of them. Well they had acoustic guitar, cello, violin, mando, bass, and played a very unique flavor of instrumental acoustic music that had hints of jazz, ethnic, rock, pop, a little Mahavishnu. I really like it. I wrote to the guy and bought the sheet music scores for the record. Later I saw in the classifieds of the Village Voice or Rolling Stone or something a bumper sticker that said I Brake Just Like A Little Girl. Being a Dylan fan and a language fan, I got one. This is all in the early 80's. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I liberated my vinyl LP's. There were a few that'll never come out on CD, I figure, and I nostalgically googled Tim Ware thinking he might be one.

Here's where the story gets cool. He's alive, well, and web geeking. And bless his heart he put up mp3's of the 2 TWG group albums! And a lovely bit of pages about the band and whatnot. How abundantly cool. So I hunt around for an email addy on his site, and found a contact me script. I did, said hi, and wouldn't ya know it, he e'd me back. How freakin cool. I feel special. Cuz I am. :)

Richard Pryor died, only 65. He had MS, I believe, but died of a heart attack. I know everybody loved Stir Crazy, and it was a great comedy, but for me Silver Streak is the great Richard Pryor film. I haven't seen it in years, and couldn't tell you much about it or quote much other than "son of a bitch!," but I just loved that movie when I saw it almost 30 years ago. But I always have had a crush on Gene Wilder, too. Richard is well known for his drug abuse, and yesterday on the radio I heard a fantastic quote from an old Barbara Walters interview with him: She asked "so are you off drugs now?" He said something like, "hell no, I love drugs! But I just can't do them much because they screw up my life so much." Now erase drugs (or not), and fill in your own blanks. We all got some kinda jones, don't we? RIP Mr. Pryor, thanks for the laughs.

BTW I'm blogging straight from Flickr, so I don't have my little wuzzup table at the top, but it's snowing like a mother and 30. Tally ho!

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sudoku, Tim Ware Group, RIP Richard Pryor