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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
where weather is not just small talk
Listening to:streetlife
Reading:my dad's prescription list
Weather:5! sunny
Dude, it's amazingly cold still. The snow that's been on the ground here for abou 9 days is not going anywhere anytime soon. And just in case you think I'm prone to hyperbole, check this out, note the OUTSIDE TEMP on the right. This hangs next to the door to my porch which has a roof over it. It's no joke.

Uh, it's almost xmas and I've bought like 3 things. I'm just not a shopper.

Everybody picks my room for puking. A week ago it was Liv, this morning it was my cat. Twice. And not just the old chewed up food puke, either, it was not pretty. Poor kitkat. Poor cat.

Here's a little montage of shots from the car, my house and barn from Sunday's ride home from the Haymond Center dinner, and the rest yesterday morning on the way to work. The roads sucked, too. But you'll have that here in the snow belt, where weather is not just small talk, amigos. Still, a lovely ride.

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where weather is not just small talk