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Thursday, December 15, 2005
why are you saying Merry anything in the first place?
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Since you can't hear my inflection in the text, let me elaborate: I'm not insinuating that you shouldn't say Merry or Happy whatever to people, I'm just asking you what is your purpose for doing it? It seems fairly simple to me, that's how you figure out your personal solution to the xmas culture battle bullshit about whether jesus wants you and SprawlMart's ad campaign to use the X word or not. Why are you saying anything to anyone about it in the first place? Is it because you want the person to know you genuinely hope they have a satisfying time at whatever they celebrate in December? Or is it to proclaim that you will be celebrating [fill in the blank your December holiday here]? Or is it just the thing to do? Or is it seasonal small talk and you're tired of staring at the elevator buttons for the remainder of the ride down to 1 when someone else gets on?

Form should follow function here, I think. Is it about you or the person you're saying it to? It seems so simple to me, here's the flowchart: If it's about you, say whatever the fuck you want. If it's about the other person, and you know he celebrates Chanukah, try Happy Chanukah or How 'Bout Them Macabees or something. Extrapolate appropriately for other winter holidays. If it's about the other person and you don't know what she celebrates how about Happy Holidays, or Have A Good One, or You Have This Green Stuff Between Your Front Teeth or whatever.

If you pretend your purpose is to brighten the other person's day, and you militantly demand to say Merry Xmas though that person doesn't celebrate xmas (or you don't know if she does or not), then you're a hypocritical poseur. Say whatever you want, and please give yourself the gift of getting honest with yourself. It's all about you, and all the rest of us know that.

And I find it so incredibly hilarious that a pile of jesus freaks threatened boycott of Macy's because they excised Xmas in favor of Holidays in their seasonal ad campaigns. Great victory, you morons, you have successfully reminded us all of the real rea$on for the $ea$on. A close pathetic second to the post-911 car commercials to Be Patriotic and buy this (imported) shitty Ford, no money down, exorbitant interest rate. Using the dead bodies of terrorism victims to make profits, fabulous idea.

Retract the claws, cat, what are you getting all worked up about? Absolutely. Time to get the kid to school and head off to work on this lovely snowy day, and be glad we have work and school to enjoy today. Can I get a Hell Yeah?

Happy Solstice, people, cuz when all is blogged and done it's all about me!

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Great writing.... thank you.
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why are you saying Merry anything in the first place?