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Saturday, January 21, 2006
hope he makes it to Picadilly Circus
Listening to:TWiT
Reading:More Eric Meyer on CSS
Weather:44, sun emerging, breezy
Whale-watching from the House of Lords, can you imagine? A bottlenose whale who normally lives in the North Sea apparently took a wrong turn (mistakenly thought he was the Prince of Whales? heheheheheheh) up the Thames river. What a cool sight that must have been. I heard about it on the way home last night in the car listening to NPR. They interviewed some kids watching from the shore, and I wish I could remember what the one boy said. Something like "it's nuclear cool!" Indeed.

My wonderful mom bought me a bunch of awesome gifts early for my birthday!! It's not till March, but the boxes arrived and I opened them! She got me a Pharos GPS receiver that's actually a CF card which fits my iPAQ. Saweeeeeeet! One of the things I've been wanting handheld GPS capability for is geocaching. But also I'm interested in geotagging my photographs. How cool is that, see a photo on Flickr, click the geotag info and see where the photo was taken on a map. Totally groovy.

Mom also bought me a Plantronics Bluetooth earphone mic. Yeah, it might look a little dorky (though it's pretty small and not that noticeable depending on the sitch), but it's super cool. I could be chillin at, say, the Blue Moose, surfing the free wifi, and want to call Olivia to ask her what she wants from the store on my way home. You know I don't have a cell phone, don't want one, don't want to be that available. But with my snazzy bluetooth mic I can use SkypeOut to call her from my PDA. And the sound quality is pretty damn good. I can of course also use it to listen to podcasts and books and music and whatnot walking to the post office or taking a walk on the trail. Nothing but little iPAQ in my pocket and no wires to one tiny earphone. All good, amigos, all good. I might get a little bluetooth receiver for my PC so I can walk around the house unwired talking on Skype.

And speaking of geekery and audio, check out Sayz Me. It works pretty well, although the first voice that defaulted was echoey, so immediately pick one of the straight ones, like Mary. My bud Spud is working on his Doctorate entirely online from Boston U, I think. Anyhoo, he said for his first class all the lectures are in text format to download and read, and all the musical examples are either online to download or in the 3 CD's that came with the textbook. Since I'm a podcast evangelizer, I immediately thought they should also have the lectures read into audio files to download so you could listen on your way to work and whatnot. Then I thought why not use a text-to-speech engine to read them to you? They've really improved in the past few years. I figured there were some freebies, so I googled and found Sayz Me. It loaded quickly and easily and works amazingly well, I thought. That's definitely what I'd be doing if I were taking that class.

Evo Morales never wears a tie, my kinda man. He's the new president of Bolivia, and he's definitely a head of state of a different color. He is talking about legalizing coca. You can imagine the Bushees are shaking in their shoes, especially all those fat pharmaceutical company CEO's who profit from natural drugs remaining illegal. Talk about another utter failure of a war from the neocons who bring you wars on terrorism and Iraq, it's time we declare a truce on the stupid drug war. Too many hardworking good people are living in prisons in the US because they used the medicine prescribed by the doctors, or because their drug of choice is not a 6 pack of Buttweiper. And drug use among young people has not decreased one iota. It's just a smokescreen for Merck and Pfizer to get people to ingest nasty synthetic chemicals instead of using what the earth has to offer for health. It ain't right, and you know it. Responsible adult drug use should not be illegal. Pass it on, don't bogart the truth, dude.

Happy happy joy joy it's saturday.

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hope he makes it to Picadilly Circus