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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
the revolution will not go better with Coke
Listening to:Heard It On A Podcast, Cruisebox
Reading:more CSS, Eric Meyer
Weather:a radical 45
For ya locals, another peace protest this Friday (the 13th, ooooh) 4p-6p Mon Co Courthouse Square. Be there or be. . .somewhere else. Then come back the 2d friday of every month till the war is over.

My friend Keith had a tragedy befall him. His faithful old acoustic friend Gibbie got stolen. He and wife Joan played First Night at some church and it got yanked from backstage. Go back to smoky bars where people don't steal your shit. But back to the point, please pass this picture all around the globe, slap it on the back of milk cartons, hang an APB at the local music store, and help this guitar find its way home. Read more about the story at

Some ignorant fuck promoter (is that redundant, oh, snap!)advertised for volunteers to make the "audience" of the Stones' halftime show for the Stupid Bowl, and limited applicants to ages 18-45 because it was "physically rigorous." My esteemed colleagues don't let that kind of ageist crap get by them for one minute, so off we went to flood the dude with igno-busting email. Even though the company bozo who replied to me (very promptly, I should add) seemed utterly clueless still, the agency apparently corrected their grievous error in one short business day. Power to the people! How many people under 45 even like the Stones for shit's sake? Just one little Start Me Up, with those wrinkly old rockers blazing around the stage like woodnymphs from hell, would clear up any confusion: old people are more likely to stand up and blow your bloody mind than sit around in rocking chairs. Amen.

This weather has been amazing. Mere days after a brutal drive from Elkins to Terra Alta through all kinda snow, it's been purt near 60 this week. And didn't go below 50 on my porch last night. And I know you'll think I'm crazy (still), but I saw a bluebird last week, and another on Sunday. A bluebird, mind you, not a bluejay. I couldn't tell if they were eastern bluebirds or indigo buntings, they flew by pretty fast. But they were small and bright blue, not large and blue, black, and white. No lie. And Larry says something's poking up in the flower bed, probably crocus. Maybe we'll not get killed by high heating fuel prices cuz we won't have to burn much this winter. Can I get a hell yeah?

I bought a cheap PCI video card, popped it into a convenient empty slot on my desktop here at home, and ba da bing, I have my desktop across two monitors, how groovy am I? You can have your task bar and stuff on one and an open window on another. Or drag a window across both. Or open Photoshop and have your tools on one and your open file on the other. Yeah, baby, yeah.

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the revolution will not go better with Coke