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Thursday, February 16, 2006
70 in the shade 2 days after Valentine's day
Listening to:Change the World, Eric Clapton
Reading:I Am Charlotte Simmons, Tom Wolfe
Weather:59 at 7pm, amazing
I'll say it again, hooray for global warming. This was the view from my office window today, with the bank clock/temp enlarged, rockinA. Every excuse I could think of to go outside, I took it. Post office run? I'll do it. Meeting at CED? I'm there. Just fabulous. And only this morning, for real, this morning, there was snow on the ground in my yard. And snow again tomorrow. I've managed to avoid snowshoveling the vast majority of this lovely winter, even though we have had several 5+ inch snows, they just go away so fast.

Just 2 days ago, Valentine's Day, at 5:30am I was headed south on 79 to chucktown, the drive my car could do with me sleeping behind the wheel, methinks. It was a particularly lovely drive as the sky was clear, the moon was barely waning full, there was snow on the ground every inch of the way, but the roads were absolutely clear and dry. Couldn't ask for more, except perhaps to still be sleeping a few more hours. I saw 4 hawks on the way home, sentinels in their perches, light-colored breasts shining in the evening sun. I was a tired puppy, but still enjoyed myself. In large part because of the cool book I was listening to, Tom Wolfe's new one, I Am Charlotte Simmons. Love Tom Wolfe, always have. And that groovy geezer still totally has it. He describes the daily vernacular of these modern college basketball stars as "fuck patois." He's so dead on. Anyway, digging the book, still, even today as I sat in my car enjoying a carwash on the way home from work.

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70 in the shade 2 days after Valentine's day