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Saturday, March 18, 2006
daffodil, forsythia, crocus ere bloomin, erin go bragh
Listening to:the Charlie
Reading:I Am Charlotte Simmons
Weather:22, sunny
It was snowing yesterday when we left for work/school at about 6:40a. It had dusted the yard and cars and was starting to stick on my driveway. I don't know how much we ended up getting here, cuz it went above freezing and I didn't get back home till about 10:30p (beernacht!). Randy said they got about an inch.

I got Liv a Visabuxx card. It's not a credit card, but she can use it just like one. I fund it with her allowance, and she can use it just like a regular Visa card (including getting cash at an ATM). But she can only use it to the extent that it has a positive balance. I thought it would be a good way to help her learn some financial skills, while enabling her to spend her allowance in ways other than just cash (like internet purchasing). She can access statements and transaction info on the web, and so can I. More later on this experiment later.

Happy St Patty's. Liv and I had an entertaining convo about how St. Patty's is a christian holiday (though the rabble celebrates it with drinking and debauchery) and easter is a pagan holiday (though christians pretend it's about jesus, all the while celebrating with scads of bunnies and eggs from SprawlMart, clearly a fertility ritual).

Joey Gatski made a CD, Primitive Man. The cover is a stellar painting of Joey by Helen Panzironi. Really captures him. The disk has about 15 tracks, I think, a few traditionals but the rest written by Joey. Includes 3 tunes co-written by the late great Stu Archer. I've listened to the album once, not enough for a true review, so more on this later. If you want your own copy, find Joey, give him $10, he'll pull one out of his backpack for ya.

Hilarious little moment at the Blue Moose yesterday morning. I sat in my usual spot at the counter, drinking coffee and eating a bagel. There was a bit of a rush, maybe 6 people around the corner of the counter near the register, Karen ringing folks up and taking orders and apologizing for being out of soy milk. A dude who had just finished his 2 sticky danishes and coffee ambled over to check out. As he's pulling out his money, he asks "what time does that video place across the street open?" Video place? We all looked at each other quizzically. Karen, quick on the draw, apparently having had her appropriate caffeine dose already, pipes up with "oh, you mean Select Books?" "Yeah." Big grin, "they're open 24 hours a day for ya, buddy." "Right, my counsin wanted to know." Roight. Your cousin. See, Select Books and Videos is the adult book store. Busted already by 7:30am, pal.

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daffodil, forsythia, crocus ere bloomin, erin go bragh