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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
happy equinox, WWJD (what would Jesco do) ?
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Reading:I Am Charlotte Simmons
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Yesterday afternoon the earth moved over to spring! I've enjoyed it 40 times and it still rocks.

There's a picture of jesus hanging in the hall at Bridgeport High School. In 2006. Over those 40 springs have we made no progress? Apparently not. Finally somebody asked the school board to have it removed. So a bunch of reactionary kids are picketing in front of the school and threatening to walk out if they take down the picture.

This is so horrendously backward I don't even know where to begin my ranting bitchfest. How about I start with the US constitution?

Won't have to go too far, it's the very first clause: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion . . ." School is funded by public tax dollars, and school is compulsory. Therefore we're all stuck going there. Since we have the freedom of religion (both to freely practice the religion or non-religion of our choices, and to be free from government-established religion) it's unconsitutional to have religious icons officially posted in school. How complicated is that?

You can freely practice all the lousy religion you want in school. Like my friend Hillary Chiz said, "as long as there are math tests there will be prayer in schools." Hillary was director of the WV ACLU, BTW. Carry a picture of jesus in your wallet. Draw one on your bookcover. Put his mug on your tshirt. Serve your friends communion at lunch. Pray silently every minute of the day, and pray out loud while you walk between classes and throughout your bus ride. FOR SHIT'S SAKE why do you need a picture of a blue-eyed white jesus on the wall, too?

Now put yourself in a kid's position, a freshman who is just trying to get through the day without embarrassing himself in front of the opposite sex, just trying to keep it together enough to keep his grades in the accesptable range, trying to figure out what clothes and slang are suddenly no longer cool today, trying to keep his parents off his back, and all these goals conflict all the fucking time. Now why in the world would you add to that kid's burden by putting him in a terrible position regarding religion. You're most likely forcing that kid to pick a side, pick a religious alliance, just to get by in school. This kid who is just getting to a point in life where he is becoming his own person, getting to figure out what he believes as an individual, including important stuff like religion. He's already feeling many pressures to get along, go along, or side with or against other kids, teachers, administrators. It's like Congress adding those unrelated riders to bills, it's just political bullshit.

If jesus really means something important to you, how can you be so stupid as to make it compulsory? It's meaningless if you have no choice, dumbass. Free will, dork, look it up in your own religious tome. Make your own choice and let the other kids make theirs.

And all this just in time for the big pagan holiday of Easter.

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Dear Cathy:

You hit the nail on the proverbial head with this one. I am sick to death of these proselytizing hypo-
crites that I am about to start holding pagan rituals before I eat my food.

I'll join ya! Pass the bloody goat sacrifice.
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happy equinox, WWJD (what would Jesco do) ?