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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
jeepers spring peepers, 80 to 20
Listening to:Little Queen, Erik Hanson
Reading:I Am Charlotte Simmons
Weather:snowing! 34
On Monday it said 80 on the bank clock. I came home and the peepers were cacaphonous. Now it's snowing. For real. Gotta love March!

NYC was the bomb! Livi, Larry, Spring, and I traveled up to the city for Larry's brother Steve's 50th birthday party/housewarming shindig and hootenanny. Steve and wife and son have bought a co-op in a lovely neighborhood in the Bronx called Riverdale. Didn't see Veronica or Jughead. But saw lots of groovy houses and rocky outcroppings. Their building is 8 stories, they live on 4, and you can see the Palasades of New Jersey from their huge living room windows. There's a nice little neighborhood commerce area 2 block away, a small grocery store, drugstore, Chinese restaurant, pizza place, etc. All the houses have woods in their backyards. Just lovely. Seems like a great place to raise their little boy. And the apartment itself is much more comfortable than their Manhattan place.

It only took us 6 1/2 hours to drive there. 68 to 70 to 81 to 80 to the Henry Hudson Parkway. The weather was gorgeous and unseasonably warm. It's so nice to get away for a couple days.

Now I'm looking forward to a trip to Nashville this spring for a few days. Tommy T and I are playing the Bass Festival again, so we are going to get together to work on some tune arrangements. Any suggestions?

And that reminds me, my pal Nevkin was to audition for a stunning 12 piece band with horns called Dr. Wu. They, obviously, do lots of Steely Dan, but also some Stevie Wonder, Squeeze, etc. They called him cuz they are looking for the best dang singer in LA, 'n Nev is da man! Fingers crossed for that, not that he needs it. How cool!

I feel like planting some garlic. I know you should plant it around Columbus Day, but it's early enough that I'd probably be able to harvest some if I got it into the ground soon. Time to clear the volunteer blackberry out of the vegetable patch. Yeeha.

I need a roof but I want a guitar. Dangit.

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Comments:'s down to me and two other dudes....pray to (insert God of choice here) that I get the gig!!

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jeepers spring peepers, 80 to 20