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Thursday, March 09, 2006
the year's first robin in my yard 2/26/06
Listening to:the Charlie
Reading:I Am Charlotte Simmons
Weather:50!! overcast
This is my first blog post as a member of the 40 and overs! Happy my birthday a couple days ago! I was glad to wake up and realize I made it! Halfway to 80, rock and/or roll.

I've been a blogslacker of late, no excuses.

The state legislature is in session and getting ready to work on budgeting and that is sucking up a few too many of my available brain cells. I'm glad there are good folks out there who have the stomach to be lobbyists for important stuff. I cannot imagine how the hell any legislator could ever truly digest (no pun intended) it all without the assistance of trusted people to deliver the story behind the story. Bla bla bla, law and sausage.

I'm totally digging I Am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe. And there's plenty of college hoops throughout, appropriate for this time of year, the Big East tourney and the coming March Madness, yo. I'll be in NYC this weekend, so if the 'eers make it ot the finals on Saturday, I might try to score meself a ticket.

And I'm sure none of you kind readers are surprised that SprawlMart is paying bloggers to whore for them. Shoutout to my friend and colleague Chuck for giving me the headsup on this article. So if you read some blogger's nonsense about how some proposed law will screw SprawlMart, please realize it's advertising hooey posing as free bloggery. What an afront to the blogosphere, but then again, this is amurika, where we all whore for something.

I'm going to miss PeaceFriday this week to head for the big apple, but my beer night pals have kindly agreed to move that forward a week so I won't miss. Sweet.

I saw my yard's first robin of the year a week and a half ago, and I am starting to feel that spring fever bubbling up a bit. Onion sets are in the produce section at the grocery. The willows are yellow and the maples are starting to get that red caste. Time to plant the peas!

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the year's first robin in my yard 2/26/06